Sale of land to Lend Lease

On 31 October 2014 Places Victoria announced the sale of 410 hectares of land at Aurora to Lend Lease.

Places Victoria’s transition out of selected growth areas will enable us to concentrate on delivering urban renewal and maximising the value of surplus government land.

Places Victoria is committed to completing development in the areas of Aurora where residents are already living or where construction is underway.

Places Victoria will remain responsible for:

  • Management of design controls for stages 1 to 29 
  • The extension of Harvest Home Road to Stage 17B and the intersection of Epping Road and Harvest Home Road
  • Development of stages 24, 25, 26, 29 and B3
  • The Aurora Town Centre, the future southern town centre at Aurora and the Employment Precinct
  • Provision of Fibre To The Home services to existing customers

Lend Lease will:

  • Assume immediate responsibility for the land it has purchased, including maintenance 
  • Take over sales and marketing at Aurora in late 2015
  • Deliver section 7 of Edgars Road and surrounding pond and landscaping work
  • Deliver remaining infrastructure and community facilities as required by the Aurora Development Plan within the land that it has acquired

Map of land at Aurora (Epping North)