We don’t just think about where people will live, but how they will live


Key facts

Project area: 18 hectares
Development value: $58.3 million
Residences: 274 homes

The closure of the Dandenong Treatment Plant in 1996 saw more than 150 hectares of land close to major roads, public transport and central Dandenong become vacant. In a bid to revitalise the area and take advantage of the site’s strategic location, Places Victoria and landowner Melbourne Water began planning a residential estate with a sustainable difference.

Building a community

The Meridian estate is now complete and home to more than 600 people.

The estate is a sustainable neighbourhood featuring:

  • 274 homes with 6-star energy ratings
  • Pedestrian-friendly streetscapes
  • Stormwater capture
  • Fruiting street trees
  • More than two hectares of open space and gardens 
  • Walking and cycling paths
  • A community barbeque area

Innovation and awards

Homes at Meridian are connected to the Eastern Treatment Plant’s $6.7 million recycled water pipeline. All houses at the estate were designed with dual pipes to enable the use of Class A recycled water from the pipeline for a variety of tasks including watering gardens and flushing toilets.

The estate also features the 7-star energy efficient Habitat21 homes, winner of a Victorian Institute of Architects award and finalists in the 2011 Premier’s Sustainability Awards.