A new community on the banks of the Werribee River


Key facts

Project area: 197 hectares
Development value: $300 million
Residences: 2260 homes at completion

The Werribee Treatment Plant was relocated in the late 1990s, leaving vacant a vast area of land on the banks of the Werribee River less than three kilometres from the existing Werribee Town Centre and with direct access to the Princes Freeway.

Melbourne Water looked to Places Victoria to help it unlock the site’s potential and create a new neighbourhood taking advantage of the surrounding natural setting.

Building a community

Riverwalk today is developing into a neighbourhood offering a diverse range of housing to cater for a variety of lifestyles. About 150 people now call the estate home.

In keeping with its natural setting, Riverwalk includes:

  • 24 hectares of open space
  • Wetlands and parklands
  • Links to the Werribee River and Federation Bike Trail
  • The 1.4 hectare Village Park which incorporates a basketball court, water play areas, bike trails and playground and barbeque facilities
  • Provision for two schools and a neighbourhood centre

Heritage hangars

The former Werribee Satellite Aerodrome is on the Riverwalk site and is listed on the Victorian Heritage Register for its historical and architectural significance. The aerodrome complex includes two WWII hangars and a workshop, and is home to the B-24 Liberator Memorial Fund. Places Victoria and Melbourne Water continue to work closely with the group to help it realise its dream of a permanent home and museum precinct at the site.


Riverwalk is being developed in partnership with Melbourne Water and is planned to include a range of sustainability initiatives including stormwater harvesting and recycled water for garden watering and toilet flushing.

Project partners

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Further information and plot listings can be found at the Riverwalk website.

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