Investigating the renewal of a landmark inner city site

Fitzroy Gasworks Site


The Fitzroy Gasworks site at 433 Smith Street, Fitzroy North, is owned by the State Government and has been declared surplus land.

Places Victoria is investigating the potential renewal of the site.

The site provides an opportunity to create a fresh and vibrant mixed-use development with new homes, shops and offices. New community facilities and public open space are also being investigated.

Site potential 

Places Victoria believes that this prominent, inner-urban location has a number of features that make it attractive for development. These include:

  • Proximity to major transport corridors including freeways and bicycle routes
  • Good access to tram and bus networks
  • Proximity to a range of education providers
  • Proximity to a range of retail options and centres of economic activity
  • Proximity to open space assets including parks, gardens and leisure centres
  • Vehicle access from Smith and George streets and Queens Parade. 

Development of the site is considered in the City of Yarra's Fitzroy North Gasworks Urban Design Framework

About the site

Due to the previous industrial uses of the land, the site will require extensive remediation to the satisfaction of the Environment Protection Authority prior to any development.

The site includes heritage features such as the valve house at the corner of George Street, the Porter Prefabricated Iron Store. Places Victoria will consider these heritage assets in investigating the development of the site.

The future of the mural on Smith Street will be considered in close consultation with the City of Yarra. 

Community engagement 

An initial phase of community engagement took place over six weeks ending on 10 June 2016. Read the media release.

In Phase 1 Places Victoria sought to understand what people value about the area and how renewal of the site can align with community values. 

During the engagement:

  • more than 2,500 comments were received
  • Places Victoria engaged directly with around 750 people
  • engagement included community information sessions, a community reference group, pop-up consultation sessions, online engagement and stakeholder meetings

Feedback received during the first phase of community engagement will be considered as Places Victoria continues to investigate the potential redevelopment of the site.

For more information visit the engagement website 

Next steps 

If development of the site proves feasible, Places Victoria will develop a draft master plan for the site for public comment in late 2016.

Supporting documents 

Q&As - 433 Smith St Fitzroy North