A temporary sport and recreation space in Docklands

Bolte Precinct West

Places Victoria is investigating temporary recreation and sports opportunities in an area it owns near the Bolte Bridge.

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Site area


About the site

The site includes a seven-bay-shed which dates from the mid-1950s and was built for the Melbourne Harbour Trust Commissioner. 

Places Victoria is currently carrying out demolition works to remove the aged concrete wharf and two-and-a-half shed bays located furthest from the Bolte Bridge. These works are expected to finish in August 2016.

Once the demolition works are complete, Places Victoria intends to carry out repair and maintenance works to the remaining four-and-a-half shed bays so that they are safe and useable. These works are expected to be completed by mid 2017.  


The shed as it currently stands. 

The shedsTimeline

Once the repair and maintenance works are complete, there is an opportunity for the shed to be used for temporary sport and recreation activites. This could include traditional sports as well as non-traditional recreation activities.  

The temporary use of the shed will be available for an interim two year period, pending a decision on the longer term use of the site.   


News from the Fishermans Bend Taskforce

This site is directly adjacent to Fishermans Bend - Australia's largest urban renewal project.  Community engagement was recently undertaken by the Fishermans Bend Taskforce on the Recast Vision for Fishermans Bend and what the area may be like in the year 2050. 

It is expected that by 2050, Fishermans Bend will be home to up to 80,000 residents and provide employment for approximately 60,000 people. 

The long-term use of this facility will consider future residential and employment growth in both Docklands and Fishermans Bend. 

The planning for Fishermans Bend is being undertaken by the Fishermans Bend Taskforce.  Further information on the Fishermans Bend project can be found at www.fishermansbend.vic.gov.au.