Ron Barassi Snr Park

Ron Barassi Snr Park is a new park and recreational space that opened on 10 October 2015 in north-west Docklands.

The park is located at the Bolte Bridge end of Docklands Drive. 

The park includes:

•grassed area to accommodate a range of recreational activities

•community pavilion

•children's playground featuring 'big kid' slides, loads of sand, diggers, swings and a water play area with pumps, fountains and mini weirs (playground video)

•car park

•construction of three multipurpose sports courts (Stage 2) is planned to begin in late 2016, subject to funding.  

The park is a collaborative project - funded by the Victoria Government, constructed by Places Victoria and owned and operated by the City of Melbourne.

Ron Barassi Snr Park is the latest community facility for Docklands that was identified as a community priority as part of the Docklands Community and Place Plan (July 2012).

Open Day video (3 mins) 


Make it yours 

New Docklands-based sports clubs are encouraged to express interest in calling Ron Barassi Snr Park home. 

For enquiries from new and existing sports cubs, contact the City of Melbourne on   

Park name 

The park is named in recognition of Ronald James Barassi Snr, who played as a rover for the Melbourne Football Club from 1936 to 1940. Within weeks of being a member of the 1940 premiership team, Ron Barassi Snr was posted overseas, as a volunteer, to serve in the Australian Army's second world war campaign in North Africa. He was killed in action at Tobruk in 1941.

Ron Barassi Snr inspired the Australian Football League’s father-son rule, as Melbourne Football Club successfully lobbied the League to allow clubs to preferentially recruit the sons of past players in order to recruit his son Ronald Dale Barassi Jnr. Ron Barassi Jnr subsequently had a highly decorated career as both a player and a coach.

The park’s name was chosen following a public vote in September 2014.

Ron Barassi Snr







 Ron Barassi Snr