Markham Estate redevelopment

About the project  

The Markham Avenue estate is being redeveloped by Places Victoria on behalf of the Department of Health and Human Services as part of the Victorian Government’s commitment to renewing and increasing public housing in Victoria.

The 56 units previously located on site were in poor condition, with only 12 habitable, and all were demolished in January 2016.

This redevelopment will deliver new public housing, including 10 per cent more than previously existed on the site. It will provide more one and two-bedroom properties, which are in highest demand. 

The development will also create new private housing that will provide greater housing diversity in Ashburton to give first-home buyers and downsizers more opportunity to make their home in Ashburton.

Community and stakeholder engagement 

Places Victoria conducted community engagement in October and November to get an understanding of the community’s views on the proposed development. This included two community information sessions at the Ashburton Library attended by approximately 250 people.  

The key issues highlighted by the community were the design of the development, height and density, the planning process, traffic and parking, and neighbourhood context.

Places Victoria submitted a planning application for the Markham Avenue estate to the Minister for Planning for consideration on 21 December 2016. It is proposed that the Minister will consider the planning application for this project.

Places Victoria has revised the proposal following community engagement and expert technical review. Changes to the design are outlined below.

A community engagement report summarising feedback on the draft proposal has been provided to the Minister for Planning so he is aware of the community’s comments. The report can be downloaded here.   

Places Victoria’s response to the issues raised by the community has also been provided to the Minister for Planning and is available here

Development proposal 

Places Victoria’s approach to the redevelopment of this site is design-led and considers important urban design factors including neighbourhood character, overshadowing, open space, parking and its proximity to parkland, public transport and community facilities.

The proposal has been developed and updated following engagement with stakeholders and the community and expert technical advice. Some of the changes to the design include:

Increasing the building setback to the east of building F;

Reducing the overall number of private units by two, for a total of 188;

Further enhancing the landscape design, in particular maximising deep soil planting, providing more connectivity from north to south through the site and increasing landscaping on the site boundaries;

Providing permeable paving and more deep soil zones to assist with minimising hard surface rainwater collection; and

Establishing rainwater harvesting from Building E for the community garden. 

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